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  Managing invasive weeds

From April to August last year staff from NLSS conducted weed management activities on eleven properties in the upper Richmond River catchment to assist landholders managing invasive weed species on their lands and to give native plant regeneration in these areas a better chance of growing to maturity. Several weed species were targeted, the most serious threats are due to; Cats claw creeper, Madeira vine, Dutchmans pipe, Balloon vine, Chinese celtis, Small and Large leaved Privet, Camphor laurel, Tree of Heaven, Indian Coral Tree and Tecoma stans.

Five major outcomes have been achieved in the course of this project:

• Improve connectivity of riparian vegetation between rainforest remnants.

• Improvement in the condition and extent of habitat for a variety of threatened species.

• Improvement in the quality of water run-off into Findon and Roseberry Creeks

• Reduction in the abundance and distribution of riparian vine weeds in the Upper Richmond Catchment, reducing rate of reinfestation of downstream areas.

• Increased landholder awareness of environmental issues and greater commitment to rehabilitation relating to riparian health and habitat quality for threatened and non threatened species alike.


Northern Landcare Support Services would like to thank the landholders involved in this project for their enthusiasm and contribution to meet the project goals.


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