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Great achievements at Busby's Flat busbysflat

There is lots of action at Busby's Flat at the moment as the Northern Rivers Fire and Biodiversity Consortium's partnership project works its way through Year 2 of its NSW Environmental Trust Restoration and Rehabilitation grant. The project is protecting and enhancing the ecological and cultural significance of 4 sites at Busby's Flat through bush regeneration work and appropriate fire management. Undertaking the on-ground work is Casino-Boolangle LALC and EnviTE who have been targeting Cat's Claw Creeper and Lantana along 4.5 km of creek to protect the habitat of a number of threatened species.


The team's work has been extended thanks to a Working on Country grant from North Coast Local Land Services enabling the project to target a larger area, controlling Winter Senna and Privet which has been taking hold along the flats of Busby's Creek. Mosaic patch burning across 43 ha of LALC land, planned for later this year, will protect the habitat of threatened species such as Yello Bellied Gliders and Koala's from wildfire and threat of Bell Miner Associated Dieback (BMAD), a key threatening process. It will also hopefully encourage the regeneration of River Red Gums and other Eucalypt species which once dominated the area adjoining the riparian rainforest of Busby's Creek, making this site of particularly high conservation value. 



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